Finding Takri




My Grandmother Takri was the only person who remembered the date I was born.

‘She said it was the fifteenth of the Punjabi month of Chet,’ my mother told me. ‘It was your father who was wrong.’

Twelve year old Takri is quickly married to Basant, leaving her heart in the village of her birth. While Takri learns the duty of a good wife she never loses her resolve or forgets the boy she once loved.

Finding Takri tells the story of three generations of a Punjabi family, as they move across India, witnessing Gandhi’s Salt March, the horror of Jallianwala Bhag, and the partition of India, before moving to Glasgow, Scotland.


Palo Stickland I was born in the Punjab, India and brought up in Glasgow where I have worked as a teacher and officer within the local education authority. From my studies in creative writing I have gained two post-graduate qualifications. Success in publication has been in anthologies in Scotland, and in winning The Asian Writer Poetry Competition twice. In 2012, my short story was published in Five Degrees. I am working on my second novel, Moon River.


“at its heart a complex and tender love triangle, one that mixes friendship, loyalty, duty and the desire for independence” Bookmuse

ISBN: 9780956696748

PUBLICATION DATE: 15th August 2013


FORMAT: Paperback

PRICE: £12.99