Lost and Found Stories of home by Leicestershire writers

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Here is an anthology of original and diverse stories on the theme of home by Leicestershire writers – with contributions from authors such as Alison Moore, Jamie Mollart, Jonathan Taylor and Irfan Master as well as exciting new voices published for the first time.

This eclectic mix of styles and voices delight and surprise, tease and provoke. A wonderful collection of short stories encapsulate the spirit of Leicestershire and offer a new meaning of home.


Featuring short stories by Grace Haddon, Marianne Whiting, Drew Gummerson, Jamie Mollart, Farhana Shaikh, Amy Bell, Jonathan Taylor, Emma Lee, Alison Moore, Irfan Master, Divya Ghelani, Sean Dudley, Paul Rudman, Mahsuda Snaith, Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson, Kate Ruse, Rebecca Burns, Claire McGowan, Tony R. Cox, Siobhan Logan, Corinne Fowler, Heena Karavadra

ISBN: 9780956696793

PUBLICATION DATE: 24th June 2016

FORMAT: Paperback

PRICE: £9.99