Mrs Pinto Drives to Happiness

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 A lonely woman develops an unhealthy obsession with a celebrity writer. A young man attends the funeral of his gay lover. A feisty woman escapes a life of domestic drudgery. Reshma Ruia’s stories feature characters who confront ageing, love and loss with anger, passion and quiet defiance. They are in search of new beginnings and old certainties; everyday people whose lives oscillate between worlds – geographical, cultural, and emotional – in a constant flux, shaped and reshaped by an imperative to anchor to a map or a feeling.


Reshma Ruia is an award winning writer and poet.Her first novel, Something Black in the Lentil Soup wasdescribed in the Sunday Times as ‘a gem of straight-faced comedy.’ Her secondnovel, A Mouthful of Silence, wasshortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Award. Reshma’s short stories and poetryhas appeared in British and international journals and anthologies andcommissioned for BBC Radio 4. Her debut poetry collection, A DinnerParty in the Home Counties won the 2019 Word Masala Award. Born inIndia, brought up in Italy and now living in England, her writing explores thepreoccupations of those who possess a multiple sense of belonging.  She is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani-a writers’collective of British South Asian writers.   

ISBN: 9781913624057

Publication date: 12th October 2021


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